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  Green Sand Casting material costs are low and this process is very flexible. The molding sand and additives are reclaimable, with between 90 and 95% of the sand being recycled. New sand and additions are required to make up for the discarded loss.  
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C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. uses the Green Sand molding method. Green sand molding combines the advantages of versatility, productivity and low cost for the production of quality castings.

Our castings range in size from 1 to 250 lbs.  Our horizontal molding flasks range in size from 12” square to 40” square, 16” over 16”.  Larger castings sizes can be produced upon special request.  To insure quality, a computerized sand delivery and mulling system, which precisely controls the moisture and bentonite additions, has been installed recently.

At C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. cores, used in casting and molding processes to produce internal cavities, are made in the shell and No Bake processes.

BMM Weston QSF214
BMM Weston QSF214 Match Plate Machine
  Casting Method: Horizontal Green Sand Casting
Casting Process: Gravity Fed
Casting Mold Type: Horizontal Molds
Casting Process Materials: Green Sand
Ingots: Primary & Secondary
Maximum Flask Size: 40 x 40 in, 16 over 16 in
Tolerance (+/-): .030 in
Casting Size: 1 to 250 lb.
Core Process: Shell & No Bake
Core Equipment: Dependable [Shell]
Tinker Omega Continuous No Bake Mixer