C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. was founded in Fort Worth in 1956 and has over 100 years of experience in producing quality aluminum sand castings.  
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Gordon Killman Memorial Award
  The Gordon Killman Memorial Award is a lifetime achievement award and the most prestigious award given by the Texas Chapter of the American Foundry Society.  The award is named after Gordon Killman of C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. for his years of dedication and service to the Texas foundry industry.
Our Past
C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. was founded in Fort Worth Texas in 1956 by Carl & Lee Killman. The building they occupied at that time had formerly been a neighborhood Washateria. 

The company was then incorporated and purchased by Gordon Killman in 1969.  In 1989 it expanded to better equip itself for the ever increasing demands of its growing customer base.  This expansion included a new metal building for the molding and furnace department, which now housed the new overhead sand system with semi-automated programmable logic control panels. 

The company was then purchased by Gary Ferguson in 1998, where it remained owned and operated until his death 2011. C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. was then operated by Tim Schulz until its acquisition In May of 2013 by Schulz Family Properties, Inc.
With new management comes a new philosophy! This philosophy focuses on Quality, Delivery and Exemplary Customer Service.  C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. also remains highly active in the American Foundry Society-Texas Chapter, Non-Ferrous Foundry Society and Texas Cast Metal Association.
C & L has been in business since 1956 producing military grade castings which require nondestructive testing certified to ASTM specifications.  Our commercial grade castings follow the same quality standards and processes, minus the certifications.  All of which could not be achievable without years of metal casting experience.  Our president of operations will be entering his 20th year in the aluminum sand casting industry and our production has a department wide average of 18-1/2 years, all at C & L.
C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc.'s single location sits at 3024 South Main Street in beautiful and historic Fort Worth Texas.  Dallas is approximately 40 minutes from our facility, Arlington 20 minutes and Austin 3 hours.  In addition, there are two major airports within 45 minutes.
C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. features a wide variety of alloys available to our customer base.  The most common sand casting alloys we pour are: 319.1, A356.2, 357.1, 363.1, and 713.1. All metal is spec certified and segregated upon its arrival to eliminate any chance of cross contamination.  Process control is imperative to assure our customers’ requirements. Our castings range from 1 to 250 lbs., flask capabilities range from 12”x12” to 40”x40" (16” over 16”).

C & L offers a catalog of military and commercial pattern equipment available to the public for rent at competitive industry prices.  We are also very proud to offer multiple value added services such as, machining, NDT, anodizing and powder coating.  Turnkey components are what our customer base now demands and we continue to deliver.