Quality - Sand Control
  Sand testing and control is a foundry process used to determine if the foundry sand has the correct properties for a certain casting process. The sand is used to make molds (cope and drag) and cores (at C & L, shell and sodium silicate).  
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Sand Control
Sand Control Methods We Employ

The basic tests measure the following parameters: wet tensile strength, cone jolt, friability, moisture content, permeability, green compression strength, compactability, loss on ignition, volatiles content, grain size & distribution, dust (dead clay) content, and active clay content.

Additional tests for parameters, such as splitting strength, shear strength, and high temperature compression strength are also performed.  The basic set of parameters we test are:
Green Sand Mold Ready for Cores
  Fineness Number
  Moisture Content
  Total Clay Content
  Active Clay Content
  Compressive Strength
C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc.'s green sand molding system is made up of basic sand and bentonite. We purchase premulled certified sand from Green Diamond Sand which has low thermal conductivity resulting in less chilling than silica or olivine sands.  Green Diamond Sand is a tough grain that breaks down very little in use and is environmentally friendly.