Services - Engineering Services
  C & L Aluminum Foundry Inc. can provide the engineering services to take new designs or old parts to production tooling.  
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Engineering Services

C & L Aluminum Foundry, Inc. can take finished product designs and convert them into 3 dimensional CAD drawings for pattern and core design.  These design files can then be used to create the patterns and core boxes necessary to make the casting.

Sampling runs can then be made to insure the finished product preforms to the customers satisfaction before actual production begins.  C & L can provide parts from design to casting to finished machining.
Reverse Engineering

C & L Aluminum Foundry Inc. can take existing parts and reverse engineer the tooling to make the part. This includes 3D CAD drawings for the pattern and core boxes and manufacturing tooling for same.  With our reverse engineering capabilities we have assisted multiple industries, including petrochemical, medical, dental, and public utilities.  We can take broken or obsolete parts and produce 1 prototype or 1,000 production pieces.